Established in 2003 we have created more than a hundred projects. Our works are recognised by many leading lifestyle and interior design media.
Private house in Lisbon
A project of reconstruction and renovation of an 18th-century historical house, which is a part of Portugal's architectural heritage.
Tranquil haven of an apartment for a serene life
This apartment is situated in the heart of a bustling city, yet designed for relaxation and a peaceful, unhurried life.
Penthouse in Roza Rossa
A modern penthouse interior in the author's house is distinguished by an abundance of unique and bold solutions.
Savvin River Residence
An apartment is in the prestigious residence complex, one of the oldest and most established districts on the river bank.
Park Apartment
The project inspired and began with words of love. The love of daughters for their mother.
Club Room in London House
A chamber atmosphere typical of a bar, but at the same time an elegant, respectable, and noble interior that will not become obsolete over the time.
Penthouse in Knightsbridge Private Park
The interior in the one of the most prestigious residential complexes.
Apartment in Dominion
A city center apartment combines sculptural and architectural forms, geometry and luxurious materials.
Apartment in Magnum
The interior for the family with a sophisticated taste.
Office Space for Work and Leisure
The office of Dseesion Interiors.
Apartment with Sophisticated Style
A premium apartment in the contemporary building in the center of the city.
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