Quintessense. Center for Mindful Change
Quintessense. Center for Mindful Change
The 327 square meter space is situated in the most prestigious residential area of Moscow, Khamovniki.

We were asked to design the interior and manage construction works of a center which is unique to Russia. The interior is supposed to create a favorable atmosphere for our guests revealing their internal potential and harmonization of their personality. It also needed to be multifunctional, effectively using a relatively small space to ensure the privacy of the guests within an intimate atmosphere involved in various procedures and practices.

The main accent is on the architectural beauty of the space, filled with natural daylight. All colors and shades are natural, calm and in harmony with the window views in winter and summer time.

The double-height area within the six meter - high ceiling takes up the central part of the ground floor. There is a relaxation area, a bar and café with comfortable seating which serves healthy food and drink, there is also an oxygen bar beside that.

The streamlined formed bar is the most spectacular element of the interior. It is made from the resin of the designer's unique style and symbolizes the life flow from the traditional past to our high-tech future.
Under the ceiling there is a meditative installation that slightly swings as the light air flows, it is reminiscent of a floating cloud or an object blown by a warm sea wind. The mere contemplation of this area brings regenerative and relaxing effect.

Here the art objects are not used as a décor but are elements of the interior itself. The walls of the main space are decorated with the panels created by the artist based on the designer's sketches.

On the first floor there are separate spaces for breathing practices, meditations, calligraphy lessons, as well as a massage room. It also boasts a room equipped with high-tech wellness equipment. The breathing practices are guided by a girl in the form of a hologram in a private room which allows one or two guests.

One of the most difficult challenges we faced was how to fit all of the many different areas into the premises, keeping each space visually beautiful and comfortable. We carefully designed the layout, leaving a large space for the relaxation area on the ground floor to create the desired mood and atmosphere. All of the other minor rooms were made smaller to provide intimacy and comfort.
All rooms on the mezzanine were made with big windows overlooking the common space. From the first floor you can see the Moscow river esplanade outside and the swinging ceiling installation situated in the common area. Private rooms can be visually united with the common space or divided with automatically closing half transparent curtains.

Special attention is paid to a combination of natural day light and electric lighting. For this project many reflecting surfaces are used to visually expand the space and to smooth contrasts. The electric light has several modes, from the very calm to the bright and festive.