Club Room in London House
Club Room in London House
The team created a chamber atmosphere typical of a bar, but at the same time an elegant, respectable, and noble interior that will not become obsolete over the time.

We decided to enrich shades and materials, focusing on details and nuances. Each material selected for this project is tactile and visually pleasing - natural stone, wood, glass, noble fabrics, metal.
We offered a combination of complex color and geometry that are fun to explore. Together they form a harmonious and multi-piece composition.

Premises layout is designed according to the main architectural canons. It creates a harmonious compositional basis, which is very important for the overall aesthetics and perception of proportions.

The team suggested a sophisticated lighting scenario that provides dimmed room lighting which highlight the dignity of the interior. Directional lights help to accent the most unique pieces of the interior while leaving the rest of the space in a pleasant twilight. At the same time, the project also provides bright lighting for special occasions or cleaning.

Restrained, elegant, sculptural forms of furniture and a bar counter get along with decorative table lamps; soft wall panels enter into dialogue with metal insert behind the sofa; restrained embroidery on the wall panels echoes the geometry of the floor. All that create a multi-level sophisticated composition. It is the abundance of soft contrasts that emphasizes the relevance of this interior meanwhile the classic basis and choice of materials - its intellectuality.