This apartment is in the prestigious Savvin River Residence complex, one of the oldest and most established districts on the river bank.

      The panoramic windows draw the atmosphere of the city into the interior, embracing the local architecture, providing a delightful aesthetic pleasure.

      We carefully maintained this connection, architecture and interior, using the warm shades of the hand-moulded bricks and natural stone set into the building structures and facades.

      Thus, the effect of a dialogue between the architecture of the buildings and the interior of the apartment was obtained.

      The interior is created on the basis of classical proportions, but simultaneously it is filled with a relevance that meets the needs of modern life.

      Exceptional natural materials, their textures and shades, give this interior nobility and elegance, while technological and engineering solutions, completely hidden from view, speak of the sophistication of this project and the attention to detail, so important in modern everyday life.