in Magnum
Apartment for an exquisite family living in different countries of the world.
The interior of the apartment in Magnum House has its origins in the building architecture itself. High ceilings of around 3.5m, elegant window grilles are the key features that set the character of the interior.

The modern view from the window and historicity of the neighbourhood served as the starting point of the entire interior.

The whole design is built on a combination of classic architectural forms, modern lighting, and furniture. For example, plaster moldings and marble coverings are perfectly complementing the laconic Kevin Reilly lamps. Black Tie sofa emphasizes the peculiarity of the living room space. Forms of furniture and decorative lights bring a nostalgic character to the interior, which is closely related to the client's collection of art from the Soviet and post-Soviet periods. The design was created using only natural materials and textures which set a special mood to the space. To demonstrate that, in the master bedroom, the walls are covered with fabric wallpaper Lelievre, which creates a state of calm. Meanwhile, in the girl's room, Casamance wallpaper forms the gentle mood of the room.